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How to create an application

To create an application on USAJOBS:

  1. Sign into USAJOBS.
  2. Make sure the required sections of your profile are complete and all other profile information is up-to-date. During the application process some of this information is sent to the hiring agency.
  3. Find the job announcement you want to apply to – you can search for jobs by keyword or location, or use your Saved Searches.
  4. Thoroughly review the job announcement, including the How to Apply and Required Documents sections.
  5. Click Apply. The USAJOBS application process will guide you through five steps:
  6. Select Resume
  7. Select Documents
  8. Review Package
  9. Include Personal Info
  10. Continue Application with Agency
  11. During the final step, you'll be asked to certify that your application is true, complete, and made in good faith. If you answer YES, check the box and click Continue to Agency Site. Select Previous if you'd like to go back to review or edit your information.

Once you select Continue to Agency Site, you'll be sent to the agency application system where you may have to complete additional steps.

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