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How to filter results by travel percentage

You can filter your search results by the amount of travel the job requires. Read the Travel Required section in each job announcement to understand the travel requirements.

  1. Go to More Filters.
  2. Scroll down to Travel Percentage.
  3. Select the amount of travel you're looking for – you can select more than one.

Your search results will update automatically as you select each filter.

Types of travel

Not required

The job does not require any travel.

Occasional travel

The job may require travel from time- to-time, but not on a regular basis. The travel may be for training or other work-related duties.

25% or less

The job may require up to 25% travel.

50% or less

The job may require up to 50% travel.

75% or less

The job may require up to 75% travel.

76% or greater

The job may require 76% or more travel.

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