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How to filter results by appointment type

The Federal Government classifies jobs using the term “appointment type”. There are many appointment types including permanent, temporary and appointments geared towards students. You can filter your results by one or more appointment types.

Note that a filter in the list below will not appear if there are currently no open jobs in that category. To see all categories click the "Show options with 0 jobs" link.


A job with multiple appointment types usually means there is more than one position that can be filled and the appointment types may vary.


Permanent appointments have no set time-limit.


  • Internship – A job for current students (paid and unpaid) to learn about federal careers while remaining in school.
  • Presidential Management Fellows - This is a leadership development program accepting entry level advanced degree candidates in the Fall of each year.
  • Recent graduate – A job for recent graduates seeking a career development program.


Temporary appointments have a set time-limit and include the following:

  • Detail – A temporary assignment to another job. You must be a current federal employee to apply to detail jobs.
  • Intermittent - A job is on an as-needed basis.
  • Term – A job that may last one to four years.
  • Temporary – A job that will last no longer than one year.
  • Seasonal – An annually recurring job that may last six months or more in one year.
  • Summer – A job available during the summer months and is usually for students.

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